James A Davis

Born: Abt 1800 in Virginia or North Carolina
Died: ?   in Indiana

Lived near Bedford, Indiana.  Reportedly operated a ferry over the White River (where
Dixie Hwy. crosses) near Yockey (or called Falling Spring).

Married: 1st - Dianna ?  2nd - Jincy (Jane) Dodson

Catherine (Dodson, reportedly married a step-brother)  Moved to Missouri in 1879.
-James Alexander-
John - Died in the Civil War, for the South, 1863
Ellen (Eversole)
Thomas Royce - Became a doctor
Fealden George - d. April 1, ?   Was a farmer, postmaster for a while in Yockey,
    and ran a small grocery in connection to the post office.  Funeral services
    were held at Wesley Chapel.

Source: Typed notes dated December 1957, from unknown source, in collection of Sarah Lee
Crabtree (Morrison) family history papers.