According to some websites and other documents, Central and North
Central England appears to be where the Crabtree name originated, as
early as 1100 AD.  These pictures are an example of the lay of the
land.  Notice the sheep in the top picture as well as the stone fences.
My wife Rita, Son
Clayton, and myself
took a train day trip to
Central England in
June of 2007.  My son  
lives in London and
we were visiting.  Our
trip took us north from
London to Sheffield.  
From Sheffield we
traveled on a small
train line to Chinley
(about half way
between Sheffield and
Manchester).  Then
we reversed our trip.  
As you can see, it was
a cool, cloudy and
sometimes rainy day.  
The countryside was
beautiful!  Below is the
some of the homes in
the town of Chinley,
with rolling hills and
stone fences in the
Below is a population map for the name "Crabtree" found in
the London Science Museum.