International Farmall B
Serial Number 158749
1946 Model (146700 - 182963)
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I have grown up around Red tractors and machinery all my life.  Being a fan of Red and a lover of
history, I decided it was time to try my hand at tractor restoration.  I chose a Farmall B for several
reasons: First it was a small and simple tractor, it has a plentiful supply of both new and used parts,
cost should be within my price range, and finally, the first tractor my father recalls from his childhood
was when his father purchased a used B Farmall sometime in the late 1940s.  After cruising the
Internet in search of Bs, I came across a B advertised on Craig's List.  While it needed engine work,
it had good tires on it which was just what I wanted.  The tractor was located in North Missouri near
The next day, I traveled to a farm near Gentry to look at it, then went back the next day
pulling a trailer.  I purchased the B for $700.00 (April 2, 2010).  The owner included a used engine
block which was telling of things to come.

It appears the tractor had been used to mow as it was set up for a belly mower.  The owner said they
had last used it to power a grain auger but it was low on power and needed work.  The owner said his
grandfather had planed to fix it up
.  He had bought new tires but did not get around to working on it
before his death.  It had sat for some time.  I think the family was sad to see it go.
The wide rear wheelbase of the B was three inches wider than the trailer, so we rested one tire
on the trailer rail.
Condition when purchased, April 2, 2010
How the B looked after I removed the
old mower frame and hand lift.
After checking the fluids, I
attempted to pull start it.  We
pulled it around and around the lot,
I fiddled with it for a while, but it
was a no go.  I was not surprised.  
The magneto was still in place, but
a coil had been added.  Which one
worked was anyone's guess.  I know
little about the magneto but I have
a neighbor who may?  As the engine
spun I noticed it did build oil
pressure.  The radiator seemed
good but I noticed a seep in the
engine block.  The left brake was
froze as well.

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