Shaw Chapel and Mt. Tabor Cook Book

Cook Book
Ladies' Aid Society
Mt. Tabor and Shaw Chapel Churches
Near Odessa Missouri

Geo Scott Printing Company, Higginsville, MO

(As title page appears)
To our faithful and consecrated president
Mrs. Wm.S. Doak
This book is affectionately dedicated.
Note: Shaw Chapel and Mt Tabor Churches are located about eight miles southeast of
Odessa.  The cookbook contains many names from families of the area.  There are 212
pages recipes, advertisements, and advice.  Some of the Morrison family names include Mrs.
E.P. Morrison, Mrs A.M Stanfield (Enna Morrison), Mrs. Jerome Cameron, Mrs. D.V. Reynolds,
and Edda Morrison.  Also Maude Bedsaul's name appears.  The Bedsaul name was the
name of the owners of the Earl Crabtree farm before he purchased it.Â
Example Recipes
For Making Yeast
One-half cup of crumbled yeast, enough water to soak it.  When soaked, ass one-cup
buttermilk and stir in Peacock flour to make stiff batter.  When nice and light, thicken with
meal and make in cakes.  Put in shade to dry.  --E.P. Morrison (p. 74)Â
Two eggs, three-fourths cup lard, one cup of molasses, one cup of brown sugar, three
teaspoons soda, one tablespoon ginger, one teaspoon of salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, one-half
cup of sour milk, nuts and raisins.  These are fine.  --Mrs. A.M. Stanfield (Enna Morrison)
(p. 112)
Angel Food Cake
Whites of eleven large eggs or twelve small ones beaten ten minutes, one and one-half cups
of sugar, scant; one teaspoon of lemon, one cup of Pride of the Kitchen flour with one level
teaspoon cream of tartar, sifted five times.  Add sugar and lemon to the well beaten eggs.  
The add flour and cream of tartar lightly.  Bake in ungreased pan from forty-five to fifty
minutes in a slow oven.  --Mrs. E.P. Morrison (p. 121)
This book was part of a collection
from Sarah Lee Crabtree (Morrison).