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Archibald Morrison

Born: 1783   Died: July 1, 1828 in Woodford County KY.  Buried ?? KY     
Married 1. Elizabeth Polly, (6 children) Married 2. Lucy Sullivan (Daughter of Richard Fox) (4 children).  
Marriage bond for Archibald and Lucy is dated September 4, 1815.

- Fayette County Kentucky Records Vol. 2 (1986 Cook & Cook) notes a land indenture from "Archibald Morrison
and Mary Morrison his wife, of Fayette County..."  Land was part of a transaction the same day and parts of the
same land indentured to Archibald from John Morrison, his father.  Could this be another wife?  Each of the three
possible women Archibald was married to, Archibald also has daughters with the same first names, Elizabeth, Lucy,
and Mary.

Will from Woodford County, page 214 lists wife as Lucy, "Daughters, Elizabeth M New, Martha Ann Mc Quie,
Rebecca B Berry, Jane, Mary, son Archibald.  Executors, David C. Morrison, and John Berry,  witness John
Kinkead, Theo Bullock, Jno Bondanet? (Bondurant?) 7-1-1828. Probated January 1829."  

- September 12, 1804 - Lieutenant, rifle company, 8th regiment. "Cornstock " militia of KY.

- Enlisted for the War of 1812, KY Militia INV 25695, Captain in the 13th regiment.  This account was given in a
court document for proof of disability, "In the line of duty, he was wounded in the right knee by a musket ball from
the British on the 5th day of May, 1813 in the battle called Dudley's Defeat near Fort Meggs..." (State of Kentucky,
Fayette County legal Document).  Another letter apparently from the doctor states: "In this case the surgeons
certified that his right leg was impaired say one-half of its powers."  It appears he may have had only half a right leg?  
Pension applied for March 13, 1820 and he was granted $10.00 per month.  

Deed Books -- "Indenture between William Hamilton, and Eliza, his wife, of Woodford County, to Archibald
Morrison, of Woodford County, $3,034, a tract of land on waters of South Elkhorn, being part of Col. Charles
Lewis' military survey, corner to William Kinkead, in John Dickey's line, containing 151 acres.  Page 286, 2 May
1814."  From: Woodford County Deed Book -F- 1812-1815.
    Archibald was witness to a land transaction on what appears to be adjacent land...."corner to Archibald
Morrison, in Charles Lewis' old military line, corner to Richard D. Shipp, corner to heirs of Jacob Harper, deceased,
on Shannon's Mill Road."  From: Woodford County Deed Book G - 1815-1818.  NOTE: Present day "Shannon's
Mill Road" runs along the Fayette and Woodford County Line, on the Woodford side, road runs generally north to
south along South Elkhorn Creek.  

- Archibald had one son and five daughters listed in his will from Woodford County, KY (page 214) and the
mention of 4 children from his second wife, who apparently were not of age.  Later, in a final settlement dated 1841,
only three children from his second wife were listed (Larry not listed).  Another source lists a daughter Sarah C. See
** below.

Archibald's (I) children with Elizabeth Polly:

Archibald (II) b. May 4, 1811  d. May 28, 1864.  

•        Elizabeth M. -- Married Anthony New, July 6, 1826.  (Elizabeth was named in Aunt Martha's will)  They had
two children, Rebecca and Martha.  Martha "had a daughter born out of wedlock, Alice New, who is at this date an
inmate of the Ky. insane asylum at Lex. Ky.  Her mother also died in the insane asylum."  (From hand written notes
obtained from Family History Room, Frankfurt, KY) (note: these notes could be dated about 1860 - 1900s).

•        Martha Ann (m. William McQuie).

•        Rebecca B. (m. John Berry).

•        Jane (m. Thomas Hanna, bond dated May 24, 1820, Archibald signed consent).

•        Mary (m. James Berry).

AND by wife Lucy

•        Larry

•        Lucy L  (m.  Joseph Robert, bond dated November 22, 1841).

•        Sidney  (m. Elijah G. Sebree, bond dated June 15, 1842).

•        Robert C.  (m. Sarah C., bond dated December 24, 1833).

•        **Sarah C. (m. Garland h. Withers)  I am thinking this is Robert's wife, and not a daughter.

Archibald's wife Lucy apparently received land from the U.S. Government for military service from her late husband
Archibald.  On a legal paper dated May 21, 1852, Lucy, "Makes this declaration for the purpose of obtaining the
Bounty Land to which she may be entitled under the 'Act granting Bounty Land to certain Officers and Soldiers who
have been engaged in Military Service of the United States,' approved September 28th, 1850."  The document also
verifies that Lucy was married to Archibald in September of 1815.  The document says she is still a widow (age 63
in 1852).

**Some Early Morrison Families by Theron V. and Louise Morrison.

Wounded at Fort Meggs... Narrative of Robert (Rob) Morrison (Archibald's Brother) about his dad, Major John
Morrison... Margret I King Library, Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY Draper Manuscripts, Vol. 37, Pages 131-

Archibald is listed as a Captian of Infantry of the KY Militia, commanded by Lt.-Col Dudley. Listed King's
Mountain, March 2 & 5 and Sept 2, 1813... (war dept. transcripts)