Descendants of Bettie Pearson [**or Persson] Lenander
and Carl Johnson

BETTIE was born September 12, 1870 in *Gamelstorp, Blekinge Province, Sweden, and died November
25, 1947 in Lindsborg, KS.  
Burial: November 28, 1947,
Elmwood Cemetery, East of Lindsborg
Emigration: 1889, From Sweden
Residence: Swedesburg Community until 1939, then Lindsborg.
(*Blekinge Province is located on the southeastern tip of Sweden next to the Baltic Sea.)   

Bettie married CARL JOHNSON, 1892, [**or November 8, 1895 or 1896] in Lindsborg, Kansas.  

Bettie's Surname is Lenander.  Bettie had nine siblings; Sissa Persdotter++, Maria Persdotter, Anders
Erik Lenander++, Anna Persdotter++, Carolina Persdotter++, Malena Persdotter++, Olof
Persson, and Hilda Lenander Persdotter++. (++Immigrated to the United States, Anna later returned to

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CARL JOHNSON was the son of JOHN JOHNSON and EVA.  He was born February 15, 1845 in  
Smaland (South Central) Sweden, and died February 10, 1916.  Burial:
Elmwood Cemetery, East of
Lindsborg.  The story is told that Carl died from complications from being run over by a horse they were
trying to get in a barn.

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Carl had three children from a previous marriage, David (b. June 20, 1883) Edward (b. February 1884)
and Oscar (b. Aug. 23, 1884).  All were born in Roxbury, Kansas.  The three boys later moved west.  
Their mother was Inga (b. 1854) and was Carl's first wife.  Carl's second wife was Kajsa, (m. March 3,
1884) who is buried on one side of Carl in the Elmwood Cemetery.  It is reported that Carl and Kajsa did
not have children.  Kajsa had a daughter named Annie (b. August 1869) from a previous husband.  
Annie was born in Sweden.  Stories are told of Annie being referred to as crazy Annie.  Bettie was Carl's
third wife.  

Carl Johnson Farm.

Carl Johnson owned a farm in Bonaville township, in north McPherson County Kansas.  The farm was
west of Roxbury and southeast of Lindsborg and included 160 acres in the northeast quarter of
township 26.  Carl purchased the farm on September 13, 1879 from the "United States (Transfer
Record for Bonaville Township, Deed dated March 12, 1879).  A 1903 Plat book listed the farm as
owned by Chas Johnson, "The Lucky Grove Farm."  Later, a 1921 Plat book listed the farm as 158
acres owned by Carl Johnson with 2 acres off the northeast corner for school dist #81 (Swedsburg
School).  It is assumed Chas and Carl are the same person.  The 1880 U.S. Census list Carl and family
living in McPherson County.  

Carl first lived in a dugout, like many earlier settlers in Kansas.  He later added the house and more
rooms as the family grew.  The home is still in use today by family decedents.

I toured the home in the fall of 2005, it has been added on to and modernized.  The small basement
area under the original portion of the house was the original dugout.  Historically speaking, a dugout
offered protection from the heat and the cold for the early homesteaders.  The average size was about
twelve feet square.  As a good harvest brought needed money, or the family size increased, a house
was built over the top of the dugout providing more room.

A good book to read on the early life of Swedish emigrants of the area is titled,
"Butter in the Well" by
Linda K. Hubalek.  It is considered historical fiction and is written as a diary from a young mother's
perspective of how her and her family built a farm on the unsettled Kansas prairie.  I found it a very
interesting read.  The period covered is from 1868 to 1888.  Swedish immigrants first settled Lindsborg,
Kansas around 1869.

Note: The author of this web page is named after Carl, my first name being Carl... CEC

[** see; ID#1103343645;  Herren/Patterson. 1900 census list marriage as 1896.  Marriage
License, State of Kansas, reads 8th November, 1895]

Sweden Connection!
Son of Carl and Bettie, Carl "Ed" and his wife Della traveled to Sweden in 1985.  Listed here are
relatives mentioned in their research but not sure how they are related.

Anna Pearson, is described as a sister to Bettie.  Anna's great granddaughters are Hjordis (and her
daughter Gunilla), Signe Anderson, Ingegard Varmfors.

Eric Pearson - son of Anna, was in his 80s at the time of the visit

Arnie Sonesson and wife Eisa - Anna's grandson, was 62 years old and was in politics for the city.

Jan Sonesson and wife Turid - Jan is son of Arnie.  Jan was 39 years old and they had a son and two
daughters.  Jan could speak some English.

-- From letters and a booklet, "Sweden '85" written by Ed and Della Johnson on their return from


**1.  WILLIAM JOHNSON was born July 17, 1893 in Roxbury, KS, and died December 03, 1995.  He
married ELSIE TABOR.  She was born August 17, 1898, and died January 01, 1992 in Longmont,

Lived to 102 years of age
(See newspaper cliping)
Burial: Longmont Mountain View Cemetery
Military service: WW I
More about ELSIE TABOR:
Burial: Longmont Mountain View Cemetery

2. ARTHUR JOHNSON, was born August 22, 1896, Roxbury, KS; and died April 01, 1965.  He married
ELIN V WISTRAND; b. June 15, 1900.

Burial: New London, Conn.
Military service: WW I
Residence: 1965, Zephyrhills, FL

3.  RUTH HELENA JOHNSON was born November 27, 1898 in Roxbury KS, and died February 22,
1992 in Kansas.  She married RUEBEN NATHAN KOONS June 03, 1923, son of WILLIAM H KOONS.  He
was born July 12, 1896 in Mc Pherson, KS, and died February 05, 1949 in Web City, MO.

RUTH and RUEBEN are both buried in the
Elmwood Cemetery, East of Lindsborg
More about RUEBEN:
Military service: PVT, World War I, WW I "left its mark on his health"   -- Obituary
RUTH and RUEBEN had one child: Betty Joyce (see >> below)

4.  ARVID JOHNSON was born September 24, 1900 in Roxbury KS, and died September 04, 1969.  He
married MARTHA ELIZABETH NICHOLAS.  She was born March 23, 1907 in Roxbury, KS, and died
March 08, 1973.

ARVID and MARTHA are both buried in the
Elmwood Cemetery, East of Lindsborg
ARVID and MARTHA had three children

5.  JOE JOHNSON was born April 05, 1902 in Roxbury KS and died May 24, 1937.
Elmwood Cemetery, East of Lindsborg

**>>6.  MILDRED TERESA JOHNSON was born April 24, 1904 in Roxbury, KS, and died October 07,
1998 in Odessa MO.  She married EARL CRABTREE June 01, 1930 in George Crabtree home, KC MO,
son of STROTHER CRABTREE and REBECCA FRAZIER.  Earl was born October 31, 1897 in Wayne
County, West Virginia, and died August 14, 1958 in St Joseph, MO.

Attended Bethany College, Lindsborg, Kansas and Hays, Kansas State Teachers College and received
a teaching certificate.  Taught is the
Swedish school near Lindsborg in her early years.  
Burial: Odessa Cemetery, Odessa MO
Burial: August 17, 1958, Odessa Cemetery, Odessa MO
MILDRED and EARL had one child: Robert (see >> below)

7.  RUDOLPH THEODORE JOHNSON was born July 14, 1906, Roxbury, KS and died August 04, 1939,
Halstead, KS.  
Elmwood Cemetery, East of Lindsborg
Occupation: Farm

8.  ELLA ELIZABETH JOHNSON was born March 31, 1908 in Roxbury , Kansas, and died March
31, 2003 in McPherson, KS.  She married LEO GLENN HERREN.  He was born August 08, 1906, and
died November 03, 1959.
ELLA and LEO are both buried in the Rose Lawn Memorial Park, Salina, KS

Children of ELLA JOHNSON and LEO HERREN are:
GLORIA JOANNE HERREN, b. June 26, 1928; m. JOE PATTERSON, December 29; b. September 08,
1924, Wichita, KS; d. September 08, 1986, Salina, KS.   
WALLACE BYRON HERREN, b. October 29, 1932, Lindsborg, KS; d. February 1985; m. CARMEL.  
More about WALLACE BYRON HERREN: Burial: Cremation, Degree: Dentist, Military service: Lt.
Colonel, Korean War.

9.  CARL EDWIN JOHNSON was born June 28, 1911 in Roxbury, KS, and died September 26, 2002.  
He married DELLA BYRN.  She was born April 11, 1917, and died April 14, 1998.

"Ed" and Della visited their mom's homeland, Sweden, in late September - early October of 1985.    

Ed and Della are both buried in the
Elmwood Cemetery, East of Lindsborg

Children of CARL "ED" JOHNSON and DELLA BYRN are:
JODIE LYN JOHNSON, b. October 9, 1952 d. July 2, 1978

10.  JUDITH LEONA JOHNSON was born September 16, 1913 in Roxbury, KS, and died March 12,
1970.  She married Ben KOPSA.   

Burial: Mulvane Cemetery
JUDITH and BEN had two children

11. Eva - died in infancy

**See a picture of the the six remaining after Arvid's death

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