Born: July 25, 1901, Saline County, Missouri.  Moved with parents to Lafayette County,
Missouri, 1902.

Died: January 10, 1986, Buried in Odessa Cemetery.

Married Mildred Gertrude Davis, October 1, 1922.

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Morrison Truck and Tractor History

Two sons and three daughters:

Books such as, The Deerslayer (1915) by James Fenimore Cooper, Shakespeare's Macbeth
and Hamlet (1910), and The American Scholar Self-Reliance Compensation (1911) by Ralph
Waldo Emerson contains Cameron's signature.  A Short History of England is signed both by
Cameron Morrison and Mildred Davis.  In DeQuincey's Essays (1920) that was signed by
Cameron, was an Odessa High School hall pass dated April 6, 1921.  It reads, "Please permit
Cameron Morrison to enter class" and initialed by H.G. Mc., Principal.  Penciled in between
please and permit was the word "don"t."  In the book American Literature (1891) and signed
by Cameron (junior class), was these words hand written, "The high cost of loving is driving
me mad.  The high cost of caring its driving me sad.  The high cost of loving oh, its only a
joke.  The high cost of caring it makes me keep broke."  These are all believed to be books
used in high school.  All books were part of Sarah Lee Crabtree's collection.   

I Remember Grandpa, By Carl Crabtree (Grandson) Circa 1972
A family get together just would not be one if it weren't for my grandpa.  He likes to be onery
[sic].  He likes to eat, fish, and sleeps.  He is pretty smart and likes sports.  Last Christmas he
and Bob Brown, one of his fishing friends were going to teach Arthur, my brother to be a
defensive tackle.  They wanted him to charge at them, but he didn't trust them thinking they
had some trick up there [sic] sleeve, this was in my grandma and grandpa's little living room.  
Finally he charged taking Bob Brown by surprise, Bob took a couple of steps backwards,
triped [sic] over a present, fell on the coffee table and broke it down.  Poltects [sic] is another
thing not to discuss around granddad.  If someone says something about a Republican not
doing his job he will raise his voice yell above everyone else, and then say he doesn't get
mad.  He also likes to talk about farming.  He knows all the old tales and enjoys talking about

Morrison and Davis     
 Two of Odessa's finest young people were united in marriage in the mid-afternoon of
Sunday at the home of Rev. W.F. Wagoner, he pronouncing the beautiful ceremony;
Cameron Coffman Morrison and Mildred Gertrude Davis.
 The little bride is the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davis of near Odessa, a
graduate of O.H.S. in the class of 1922, and a very attractive, wholesome, charming girl, who
has made a wide circle of friends and deserves the blessings we are wishing for her.  The
young man is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Morrison, living near Odessa, a young farmer
who graduated from O.H.S. in the class of 1921 and is a fine popular young citizen.  They
were attended Sunday afternoon by Noble Davis and Miss Cameron of Slater and left
immediately for parts unknown, to return shortly after to make their home in their old
community.  We wish them every happiness.  (News Paper Clipping, October 1922)

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