Strother Crabtree
b. Feb 13, 1871 d. Feb 13, 1947
Earl Crabtree
b. Oct 31, 1897 d. Aug 17, 1958
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Charles Wesley Crabtree
b. June 2, 1849 d. 1925
Wesley Crabtree
b. 1812 d. 1865
Solomon Crabtree
b. abt Feb 18, 1779 d. 1863
Abraham Crabtree
b. June 6, 1750 d. 1838
William Crabtree III
b. Dec 22, 1726 d. 1777
William Crabtree II
b. March 15, 1704 d. Feb 17,
William Crabtree I
b. March 6, 1681 d. Sept 10,
The man who has not anything to
boast of but his illustrious ancestors
is like a potato - the only good
belonging to him is underground.
Sir Thomas Overbury.
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