The following is an excerpt from The Name and Family of Crabtree, Compliled by The Media
Research Bureau
, Washington D.C.  The document Characterize James and William Crabtree
along with other Crabtree's of West Virginia and Kentucky (Abt 1775) as belonging to a band
of woodsman known as, "'longhunters,' who hunted throughout the forests of West Virginia
and Kentucky, roaming in groups of two or three men each.  These woodsmen were highly
instrumental in making those territories safe for the early settlers" (p. 5).
    "Not particularly distinguished in public affairs, the Crabtree family of America has,
nevertheless, been known, on the whole, for its honesty, stubborn courage, determination of
purpose, and perspicacity (wisdom).  Some lines have also been characterized by their
interest and ability in scientific fields of endeavor.... In the records of the colonial forces in the
Revolutionary War are found the names of Abraham, Jacob, and James, of Virginia; Isaac
Crabtree of Tennessee, William Crabtree of Massachusetts. (p 6-7)