After each session is over, REFLECT with your partner!

1. Did your group sit in a circle?

2. Did you learn member's names?

3. Do your group members know your name?

4. Did you hear from everyone in your group?  Anyone feel left out?

5. Use three feeling words to describe the mood of your group.

6. Did each group member learn something new about members in the
   group?  Share...

7. Did one person talk so much that others did not feel they could share?

8. Did anyone fall asleep?

9. Did you pray as a group?

10. Do you need a few rules to help your group feel safe with each other?

11. How did you experience God in your group?

12. How did others experience God in your group?

Plan for next time, finish this statement;
Next time, I want to.....

Developed by Carl Crabtree