DAVID COFFMAN MORRISON Born: May 12,1844   Died: July 31, 1915   Born in Clark
County, Missouri, moved to Saline County, Missouri, 1855, and south of Odessa, Lafayette
County, Missouri, 1902.  
Buried in Odessa Cemetery. (See a picture of David by clicking here)
David farmed about 4 miles east of Odessa.  Cause of death is listed as "Sarcoma (cancer) of the
Liver."  It appears David suffered with this for about six months.  MO Death Cert #25142

Married, October 11, 1866, to Mary Evelyn Willis (Nick name Emma or Enna?), b. July 17, 1846 d.
Nov 19, 1908

David served in the Confederate States Army in the Missouri State Guards, enlisting in 1861.
Captured, jailed at Alton, Illinois; released on oath, but again enlisted.  (see below)

Had one son and eight daughters:
- Cimantha Louise Watson  b. July 13, 1867 d. 1924  Buried in the *Sappington Grove Cemetery.
- Mary Willie (Mayne)  b. June 26, 1869  Married Chester A. Diggs May 12, 1887
- Ara Willis  b. September 7, 1871  d. Dec. 25, 1940  Married John  R. Colson May 7, 1894
- Laura Evelyn  b. August 12, 1873  Married David V. Reynolds (b, 1873)  November 3, 1901 Both
buried in the Miami, MO Cemetery
- Edda   b. March 2, 1875  d. March 14, 1958  Buried in the Odessa Cemetery
- Enna M.  b. March 2, 1875  d. March 21, 1953   Married
A.M. Stanfield (1) and lived and/or
owned a farm south east of Odessa near DC Morrison and Eugene Morrison farms.  Later moved
to 411 S. Russell in Odessa.  A.M. Stanfield was a corporal in company I. 72nd Indiana Volunteers
were part of the Union Army in the Civil War, August 1862  July 1865.  Both are buried in the
Odessa Cemetery.
Eugene Poage April 6,1880 (This date appears in the Private Medical Journal of Dr. George
- Sarah (Listed as Sadie) Catherine  b. May 4, 1882  d. June 29, 1883  Buried in *Sappington
Grove Cemetery, Saline County, MO
- Ida Virginia  b. November 13, 1884  d. May 16, 1885  Buried in *Sappington Grove Cemetery,  
Saline County, MO.  (Roll # C6275, Page 164, #648, St of MO Birth records) and (Roll # C6275,
Page 71, St of MO Death records).  Cause of death was Influenza complicated by pneumonia with
duration of disease being 14 days.

*Sappington Grove Cemetery is located approximately 10 miles north of Arrow Rock, or about 5
miles south of the Fish Creek Cemetery / Church.  Go north on State Road AC, follow to Route P,
turn left and go short distance to first gravel road on left (129).  Follow about one mile and past
curves.  Small cemetery, the graves are in the fence line to right of entrance gate.  

David C. Morrison, PO, Little Rock. Was born in Clark County, May 12, 1844 and, at ten years of
age, in 1854, came with his parents, Archibald and Catherine Morrison, to Saline County.  On the
15th of September, 1867, [sic)  should read married October 11, 1867] he married Miss Evaline
Willis, and has seven children, one son and six daughters.  Mr. Morrison has spent nearly all his
life in this county, except when in the Confederate army, and is noted for his thrift and hospitality.  
(Quoted from: History of Saline County. St. Louis, Missouri Historical Company, 1881,  p. 628)

Civil War & David Morrison
Mr. Morrison enlisted as a private in 1861, in M.S.G. (Missouri State Guard) and was in first and
second battles of Booneville (June 1861 & Sept 1861).  Was captured on Blackwater Creek
(Johnson County, MO, Dec. 1861), in Col, Robinson's regiment of recruits.  "Many of the very best
and most substantial citizens of Saline County were in the Blackwater capture... in all nearly 600."
(p. 282).  They were marched to Sedalia, put on a train to St Louis and held prisoner in St. Louis
and later Alton, Illinois for nine months; then released.  The original intention was for this regiment
to become part of General Price's army.  After his release, Mr David Morrison came home; then
enlisted in company E, Capt. Garrett, 1st Missouri cavalry, Col. Shelby, afterwards Gordon
(probably about the fall of 1863). From:
History of Saline County. St. Louis, Missouri Historical
Company, 1881.

D.C. Morrison Dead -
Last Sunday a large crowd of friends gathered together at the home of Mrs. A.M. Stanfield to pay
last tribute to one of the best men who ever lived in the community, D.C. Morrison.  He had been in
ill health for some time and rest came Friday night.  Such men are a loss to a neighborhood and a
personal loss to the many friends who love him.  He was a consistent member of the Methodist
Church and Rev. Harris conducted the funeral services. (Newspaper).  

(1) An interesting note was his daughter Enna who married A.M. Stanfield, a Yankee (Stanfield was a corporal in
company I. 72nd Indiana Volunteers in the Civil War as mentioned above).  D.C. Morrison and A.M. Stanfield were
neighbors in rural Lafayette County.