Born: April 6, 1880, Saline County  
Died: September 30, 1949, Buried in Odessa Cemetery.  Died in a truck accident just north of
Odessa (Fractured Skull and crushed chest MO Death Cert #34275).  

Lived near Miami, Missouri, later moved southeast of Odessa, MO.

Ida Lee Ona Cameron in 1900.  (Morrison-Cameron-Thornton line, click here to

Had two sons and two daughters:
Cameron Coffman b. July 25, 1901  d. Jan 10, 1986
Amanda Mae  b. May 28, 1904  d. March 12, 1992
William Edward   b. September 6, 1913  d. April 1, 1928 as a teen of diphtheria.
Marjory Enna  died at birth, 1922   
All are buried at the Odessa Cemetery, Odessa, MO

The book, Dickens Short Stories contains Eugene's signature on the first page.  Copyright
page was not present.  The book was found as part of Sarah Lee Crabtree's collection.
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