Grief: Is what you think and feel inside when there is a loss.
Mourning: Letting those thoughts and feelings come out somehow.

This page is about grief, mourning, hope, life, and love.
Types of loss?
Death of a loved one
Separation or Divorce
Parents new friend or remarriage
Loss of a lifestyle
Loss of a job
Break up of a friendship
Break up of a dating relationship
Loss due to health problems
Change in homes, schools, friends
Grief is an expression of love
Earl A. Grollman
What can you do for someone in
Give to them the gift of your
presence... words are not as important
as actions... it is not what you say but
your presence.
hold a hand,
give a hug,
hang out with them,
send a note,
bring them a care package,
do a chore for them,
have a lunch date.
Be sensitive to holidays and birthdays,
keep in mind the 3-1-3-1 rule -- three
weeks, one month, three months, one
Some of the feelings associated
with grief, stress and loss...
Along with...

Some feelings create a lot of
energy.  Make a plan on how to
deal with all that energy!
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What to do to manage your feelings
We all need to express our feelings in order
to stay healthy.  Start a journal of your
feelings.  Join a group to experience love and
discipline, and to share your pain in an
appropriate way.  Do not die without having
lived.  Give yourself the opportunity to show
your true colors...
--Bernie Siegel MD
Learning to cope is a skill
for life, not a way of life.  
Living fully is a way of life,
with loving fully as its
most perfect complement.
-- Leo Buscaglia
Sometimes our best service to those we love is simply
stand by, be silent, be patient, be hopeful, be
understanding, and wait.
-- Leo Buscalia
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Hope is sometimes a door, but hope is always a window.
--Paul Channels
Anniversaries and holidays can
intensify the grief feelings.  
If you are a caretaker, keep
in mind the 3-1-3-1 rule of
follow-up -- three weeks, one
month, three months, one year.
 These can be lonely times
full of intense feelings of
--Carl Crabtree