Buscaglia, Leo.  Loving Each Other and Born for Love:
Reflections on Loving.

Colgrove, Bloomfield, McWilliams.  How to Survive the Loss of
a Love.

Miller, Roger F. What Can I Say?  How to Talk to People in

Fitzgerald, Hellen.  The Grieving Child. A Parents Guide.

Grollman, Earl A.  
Talking About Death: A Dialogue Between
Parent and Child
and Suicide: Prevention, Intervention,

Hewett, John H.  After Suicide

James, John W., and Friedman, Russell.  The Grief Recovery
.  The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death,
Divorce, and Other Losses.

Mellonie, Bryan and Ingpen, Robert.  
Lifetimes: The Beautiful
Way to Explain Death to Children.

Quinnett, Paul G.  Suicide, The Forever Decision. For Those
Thinking About Suicide, and For Those Who Know, Love, or
Counsel Them.

Romain, Trevor.  
What on Earth Do You Do When Someone

Siegel, Bernie E.  Love, Medicine and Miracles and
Prescriptions for Living.

Westberg, Granger E.  Good Grief.

Wolfelt, Alan D,  The Journey Through Grief, Reflection on
.  Dr Wolfelt has many good books and journals on grief
for all ages, see www.centerforloss.com

The Solace House, A Center For Grieving Children and Their
Families.  Kansas City  

The Dougy Center.  After A Suicide; A Workbook for Grieving
.  www.dougy.org.

www.Fernside.org is a web site for grieving youth and families.

www.griefnet.org Grief net

Also see more web site listing at www.carlietree.com/griefsuicide
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