Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O.)
Chair of the Board
Imagine this:  You are C.E.O. and Chair of the Board.  Your "business" is YOUR
You have the ability to make the final decisions for how your business
(life) is operated and choices made.  But, every good C.E.O. has a Board of
Directors.  The Board of Directors are an important part of the success of your
business (life).  Your Board of Directors advises you, the C.E.O., on the
operations of your business.  Even though the Board of Directors may not always
agree with each other, or you, they must give their best advice and be
dependable and trustworthy (do what they say they will do) responsible,
(present and available) loyal (through tough times and prosperous times) and

As C.E.O., your job is to select your board.  Think of 6-10 people that could help
make decisions.  You board should be well balanced, with older aged people,
middle aged people, peers, and male-female.  These people could be parents,
grand parents, friends, aunts and uncles, teachers, counselors, ministers, etc...

Who would you select for your business (life)?  Fill in the names of your board
around the table below
Your Name Here
The purpose, is to think of your personal support system!
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