Emotions may intensify, expect to have some increased pain.

Talk about your feelings with your support people / friends.

Let people know how you are doing or if you are having a bad day.

It is okay to ask for help.

Make a donation or plant something in the loved one's name.

Begin a new tradition or modify an old one.

Make plans to do something enjoyable after that day.  A short vacation,
a date with friends to the movies, a day at the lake, pool, or theme
park, a shopping trip with someone, etc... will give you something to look
forward to.

Don't isolate yourself from others.

Make a plan ahead of time.  A plan gives order; order creates security;
security creates peace.  Include in your plan time for reflection, time
for expression, time for friends, time to be active and do something,
and time for laughter.  Remember, it is ok to laugh and enjoy life, in
the middle of your grief.

It is still okay to cry.

Include positive people in your life of all ages.

Keep in mind, all the worry before the day without your loved one is
often harder than the actual day itself.
Holidays, Anniversaries, AND GRIEF