If you have had depressive thoughts,
self-destructive behaviors, lack of focus or
purpose in your life, here is a short quote from a
book that made a good suggestion:
Give yourself a very precious gift.  And that
gift is this:  The time, the space, and the
solitude to begin to sort out what it means to
you to be a human being and to have a life to
live... think about you philosophy of life or, if
you feel you do not have one, to consider that
you might need one now - that you need to find
some new reason to live.  For I am convinced
that if you will but take the time to examine
your life, your goals, your good traits and your
bad, your accomplishments and your failures,
that you will be stronger for the effort and that
strength, that self-knowledge, once you have
gained it, is the best defense against ending
your life...
(Quinnett, 147-148)
Suicide is a subject that stigmatizes not
only the victim but the survivors as
well.... the emotions are intensified to
unbelievable proportions... those left
behind not only experience the pain of
separation but aggravated feelings of
guilt, shame, anger, and self-blame...
Hard as we may try, with any death that is
violent in nature, we wonder, "why?" and
"what could I have done to prevent it?"
The goal as a survivor is forgiveness; of
yourself and the person who choose to end
their life by suicide.  Forgiveness can bring
liberating power and healing.  Forgiveness
means letting go of the emotions, letting go
of the anger, letting go of what you cannot
If you know someone who is thinking of suicide, do this:
1.  Ask questions and listen, especially to their feelings.
Go with them to get help from an adult who can help.
3.  If they refuse help,
do not keep it a secret.  If they refuse help, tell
an adult that can help.
The Grief From Suicide
Make a list of people you can call when needing help.  Record their
phone numbers and carry them with you.
If there is immediate danger and you cannot think of anyone to call,
dial 911
Philosophy of Life

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

www.yellowribbon.org Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program

www.save.org Suicide Awareness Voices of Education

www.afsp.org American Federation of Suicide Prevention

www.survivingsuicide.com Informative site on grief
Death by suicide briengs the greatest
of all frustrations to those who
remain... There is a far greater burden
of guilt and anger.
-- Grollman
After a Suicide
A Workbook for
Grieving Kids
Missouri Suicide Prevention Training Program (Free!)