Read a book // Talk to a friend // Call someone
on the phone //
Take a walk // Take a nap // Help someone
Color a picture of your three most favorite places to
relax //
Hit a pillow // Cry // Study Tae Kwon Do
Play a sport // Visit with a favorite teacher // Ride a
bike //
Play a board game // Write in a journal //
Plant something // rearrange your room // play some soft
music // Write poetry // Go to the park //
Take a
drive //
Write a letter // Join a club,
organization, or church group //
three goals //
Think of a peaceful place // Dance // Take
three long, deep, breaths // Make a "thinking of you" box,
decorate it, place memories there // Play a musical
instrument //
Start a hobby // Make a worry jar, write and
place worries there //
Play with a pet // Make a to-do
list //
Scrap book // Do volunteer work // Find
positive people to hang out with //
Read a book to a
child //
Lay on your back and count the stars // Go
to a book store, read about relaxation skills //
a conversation journal with a parent or
adult where you can write questions
about worries and get written replies
Each day, keep active, eat healthy, avoid caffeine, get enough sleep, express your
feelings, take time to laugh at something, keep yourself neat and clean, find something to
give thanks for, and take one day at a time.
The goal is to manage grief, not pretend it isn't there.
Coping ideas that
more problems







Reckless Driving

Senseless Risk Taking


Not Eating

Finding a boy/girlfriend to
rescue you from your grief
Healthy things I can do to feel better and help
me manage my stress and grief