Note on Col. James Morrison

The following information, once thought to be part of our direct decedents, now appears to be incorrect.  
I have not found any names in common from Will or Probate records.  Some of the nieces / nephews may
be related in some way possibly back to Ireland or Scotland.  I suppose it is possible there could be
another child not accounted for officially but there is no logical way he or she could fit in.  It is of interest
that Col. James lived in the same county/ area as our researched roots.  "Mrs. Martha Morrison, wife of
Maj. Morrison, already mentioned was the first white female who settled in the fort, and her son, Capt
John Morrison, who fell at Dudley"s defeat, in 1813, was the first native of Lexington.  They were not
related to Col. James Morrison, who did not settle in Lexington until 1792. (p.231, History of Fayette

COL. JAMES MORRISON Born: 1755; Cumberland, PA Died: April 23, 1823, buried in Washington City
(D.C.). His body was later moved to the cemetery at Lexington, Kentucky (his home), January 26, 1854,
He had moved to Lexington, Kentucky from Tennessee in 1792.  He was a merchant in Lexington.     

Col. James Morrison married Ester Montgomery in 1791.  His father was Daniel Morrison, an immigrant
from Ireland.  Daniel's wife was Mary Moore.  ( ID 1367).  James was a good friend of
Henry Clay, who got him interested in Transylvania University. He was also a wealthy businessman and
in his will he left money for a building on the campus in Lexington. They now call it OLD MORRISON and
it is on the National Register.     

WILL - According to Col. James Morrison's last will and testament obtained from Transylvania University
(Ms. BJ Gooch, Special Collections Librarian), James did not have any children.  His will names his wife
and many nieces and nephews who received proprieties, slaves, and other belongings.  He had a great
deal of land (valued at over $175,000 around the year 1823).  Henry Clay was one of the executors of
his estate.                

It appears James had three siblings, Mary Morrison Holmes (b. Abt 1753 in Carlisle, Lancaster,
Pennsylvania) Sarah Jane Morrison Scott (b. 1757 in Cumberland Pennsylvania) and Mattie Morrison
Slater (b. 1759 Cumberland Pennsylvania) ( ID 33190).

Col. James Morrison's last will and testament, Lexington KY  Those mentioned in his will include: (Name
--  Relationship) Esther Montgomery Morrison - His wife, Robert Scott - nephew, Mary An Dewees -
niece, Hetty M. Hawes - ?, Transylvania University  ($20,000 in trust), James M. Morrison - nephew,
James Morrison Pindell - son of Thomas H. Pindell, James Morrison Holmes - son of my nephew, Samuel
Holmes Morrison Harris - uncle is John Montgomery, James Scott -  nephew,  William Scott - nephew,
Mary Boyd - niece, Mary Montgomery - ?, Sidney Edmiston - ?, Thomas Holmes - nephew,  James
Holmes - nephew, Elizabeth Morrison - niece, Mary Ann Holmes - daughter of Daniel Holmes (notes that
Robert Scott, nephew, to pay particular attention to this child, who is an orphan that has lost her mother
and father), Margaret McConathy - niece, Samuel Holmes - nephew and Samuel Beckett - husband of
niece Nancy Holmes Joseph Beckett – husband of niece Josiah Morrison - ? (gave him the debt he
owes me),  Morrison Boswell - ?

Partnership was with John Bruce in the manufacture of hemp. Power to executors - Henry Clay or Robert
Wickliffe, Agent recommendation - Robert Scott - nephew, Mary Pindell - all debt due from Thomas
Pindell, Martha Henry - niece, Sidney Montgomery - ?  Executors - Ester Morrison, Henry Clay, Robert
Wickliffe, Farmer Dewees, and Richard  Hawes

Farmer Dewees is buried next to James in the Lexington Cemetery.

-- From Last Will and Testament of James Morrison, copy obtained from Transylvania University, Lexington, KY