Will of John Morrison
b. 1741  d. January 26, 1814 (Note: ^ means illegible word)      

In the name of God, amen. I John Morrison of Fayette County in the State of Kentucky being of
sound mind and memory and considering the uncertainty of this mortal life do make and publish
this my last will and testament in the manner and from following.   

Item 1st: give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Martha the farm and premises on which I now
live, together with all the stock and farming utensils and also two Negro men Robert and Isaac,
and two Negro girls Susan and Kelly, and their children during life ^ Mother's natural life time.  Or,
otherwise my will and desire that my wife Martha in case she thinks proper may take a child's part
dispose of it as she thinks best at her death.  It is further my will and desire that my daughter
Polly, Sally, and Patsy be supported on the premises aforesaid during my said wife Martha's
lifetime, incase my said daughters remains single.   

Item 2: I do also give and bequeath unto my daughter Sally, Polly, and Patsy and my son David
C. whatever to each of my aforesaid daughters and son one horse saddle and bridle with one
hundred dollars.  It is also my will and desire that all the household furniture belonging to my said
house be equally divided among my daughter Polly, Sally, and Patsy at the death of my wife

Item 3: I bequeath unto my daughter Polly, Sally, and Patsy and my son David five hundred
dollars each to be paid by my ^ out of my monies arising from my estate within six months of my

Item the fourth: I give and bequeath to my daughter Jane who intermarried with *(?) Nath. Hodge,
one Negro girl Lucy, which she now has in her possession, and increase during my daughter
Jane's natural lifetime, and after her death the said girl Lucy and her increase (descend?) to her
heirs forever.

Item 5th: I give and bequeath to my son Archibald Morrison one dollar besides what I have
already given him.

Item 6th:  It is further my will and desire that after my just debts are first paid and after the death
of my wife Martha, that the remaining part of my estate be sold by my Heirs as they may think
proper, and be equally divided amongst my daughter Jane, Nancy, Sally, Polly, and Patsy, and
my sons John and David C.  I do herby appoint my beloved wife Martha and my son Robert
Morrison and John C. Morrison my sole executors of this my last will and testament, herby
revoking all former wills by me made declaring this to be my last will and testament.  My testimony
whereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this 8th day of January one thousand eight
hundred and twelve.  

in the presence of  Daniel Bryan Samuel Bryan, John Morrison,  Louis Bryan.

*Not clear what the two-letter word is before "Nath" is.  But, is up for considerable speculation.  
Earlier deeds show John had sold them various farm animals and goods. (From: "Ancestry of
William F. Hodge").

Probated in 1814

Partial Listing of Estate inventory  One white calf (3.50), one DO* ($2.50), one red calf ($3.50),
one yearling ($11.00), one black steer ($11.00), one black heifer ($11.00),Â… [22 cattle listed in
all]   One Rome Mare ($40.00), DO ($30) DO small DO ($25)Â… [6 horses listed] -- *DO means

Kettle  ($11)  One coffee mill and ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ($2.50)  7 feather beds at $40 each  2 trunks at
$3.00 each  One bureau $15  Two dinning tables at $7.50 each  One riffle gun ^ and ^ $15  1
Silver watch $20  Fifty one head of sheep @ 2.25 each  One Negro* man ^  $450  One DO
woman Robin $400  One DO women Molly $350  One DO women Susan $300  One DO boy
George $200 -- * Negro was not capitalized on will, spell check does though.  Approximate value
of estate as listed was over $2400  

From: Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, KY (11-15-02) Page 201-203 252-255