The Morrison Origins

    The Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland
is the ancestral home of all Morrison's. (p. XV, M.&J.
(Map Link).  It is written that in 1000 A.D.
the Scottish Clan Morrisons descended from a boatload
of Vikings shipwrecked off the Isle of Lewis when the
King of Norway ruled the Western Isles. (p 1, W. N.
    The Isle of Lewis " a cold, bleak land, where
the inhabitants have to struggle for existence, and they
are a hardy race.  The north portion of the Isle of
Lewis, known as the Butt of Lewis, is where the
Morrison Clan, one of the oldest of the Scottish Clans,
originated. ( p 13, Lore)

Our Morrison Origins

There is a good argument that this Morrison line
descended from Morrison's living in Southwest
Scotland near the present day town and Campbeltown,
on the north side the North Channel separating
Scotland and Ireland.  
(See Robert Morrison
The emigration date is sometime prior to
1741.  Much is missing in making this connection, but
it is a starting point.


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