Archiabld Morrison Land Patent*
Clark County, Missouri
1838 - Abt 1855
I recently traveled (September 2007) to Clark County Missouri to view land that
Arcibald Morrison and family purchased from the U.S. Government Land Office in
Palmyra, MO.  Archibald moved his family to Clark County from Woodford
County Kentucky around 1840.  They purchased considerable acreage.  Land
purchased by Archibald on 8-30-1838 was 372.8 acres. He purchased an
adjoining 159.07 acres with his uncle Robert C. Hays 4-1-1839.

It was a cloudy fall day when I visited Archibald's former farmland.  In my short
visit I found no buildings.  It is in a very remote area with an abundance of wildlife.  
On one short hike into the woods I was met with a herd of deer grazing in an
opening.  The land is about a mile south of the Iowa border in the northwest corner
of Clark County and is mixed rolling hills, plains, and wooded.  The Fox River flows
just north, and flows northwest to east - south east toward the Mississippi River,
which is about 10 miles east of the land.  The land looks similar to the land
Archibald owned later upon moving to Saline County  in early 1850s.  (Archibald's
land in Saline County was just west of the Missouri River at Glasgow.)  I am sure
Archibald's Clark County farm provided much mixed land for livestock, crops, and
wood for homes, fences, and fuel.  

Below is a present-day picture of some of his land.  
The below picture is looking northwest over the Fox River bottom and toward Iowa.
The picture below is land purchased by William C Morrison and Robert S.
Morrison.  It was purchased on the same day as Archibald's and included 640
acres (8-30-1838).  Willaim and Robert were uncles of Archibald.  Much of this
land is now part of the
Charlie Heath Memorial Conservation Area.
A small 40 acre plot was purchased by David C Morrison on 8-30-1838.  It is
heavely wooded and part of the
Charlie Heath Memorial Conservation
*Patent Numbers
159.07 Acres  #MO2260_.066 Archibald Morrison & Robert C Hays
372.8 Acres  #MO2240_.245 Archibald Morrison
640 Acres  #MO2240_.274 William C & Robert S. Morrison
40 Acres  #MO2240_.278 David C. Morrison