These links contain research on the Morrison family.  I have tried to document where or who provided
the information.  Sarah Lee Morrison Crabtree first initiated information on the recent past generations.  
I am sure Sarah had the help of other family members.  I have built upon her work and continue to do so.

History can provide one with glimpses of bravery, heroism, and ingenuity as well as miscalculations and
shortcomings.  What seemed appropriate at that time in the past may not prove so wise in the present.  I
found in my college history book the following lines that give a brief explanation and perspective that the
study of history can bring to us. "Our history provides an object lesson in how the past affects the
present, or rather, how a series of pasts has changed a series of presents in an unending pattern of
development.   Thus, while historians have never been any better at foretelling the future than
politicians, economists, or soothsayers, good ones have always been able to illuminate their own times,
adding depth and perspective to their readers' understanding of how they got to be where they were at
any particular point." (Preface, The American Nation, 6th ed.)  

It seems the Morrison family roots show generations of people who depended on hard work and the
land to sustain life.  They were frontiersmen who continued to push west as new lands were opened.  
Some would say that living conditions on the frontier were no better than what the pilgrims found when
they began to settle the northeast coast.  It seems to me that it would have been much easier to settle
and stay in one place.  I can only speculate why they continued to push west.  One guess is the promise
of better things ahead, better things that would take large doses of hope and faith to achieve.  One
thing for certain, the early Morrison's encountered war, death, disease, and hardships we will never
understand.  Families were large, but many children died young.  Obviously though, some persevered.  
Just look at yourself!