I have cancer, but cancer does not have me.  

Cancer is not who I am.  It is only a bend in the road that is my life's
journey, an unexpected detour on my path.  

It is a lesson in the cosmic schoolroom that is human existence.   So I will
pause to rest, and heal, and study the lessons before I move to my life
beyond cancer.  

I will not give into fear and I will not be discouraged by setbacks.  Setbacks
are opportunities to review the lessons.  

I will not be ashamed of my scars.  My scares are the brush marks in the
masterpiece that is my life.  

I will be thankful for the many blessings cancer has brought into my life.  
People I would have never known.  Love that I had never been still or quiet
enough to witness.  Humility I needed.  Strength I thought I had lost.  
Courage I never knew I had.  

I will remember that I can still have fun and it is ok, even healthy, to be
silly.  I will remember that to find joy in rainbows, I must endure the rain
and I always will remember:

While I have cancer, cancer does not have me.  

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