ROBERT MORRISON Died December, 1741

One son known,
                   (From the Draper Manuscripts)

My guess is Robert immigrated to the States from
Scotland or Ireland.  My present
research is for John's parents and records of by what means he immigrated to the States.
 I have had little luck researching this.  Any ideas are welcome and can be e-mailed to

I have read some recent research by Marie and Janet Morrison on the Morrison's of
Rocky River Presbyterian Church in Cabarrus County North Carolina.  They have
researched three Morrison brothers named John, James, and Robert.  The Robert listed
in their research does not have the same death date as the above Robert, and other
dates don't quite line up, so that may or may not be the same Robert.  But listed are
some reasons why there me be SOME TYPE of relationship with this line of Morrisons.:

1.  The continued use of the names Robert and wife Sarah and John and wife Mary
through descending generations.

2.  John, James, and Robert's father's name was John Morison (yes, one "r") of Scotland.

3.  The Campbeltown area of Scotland (and the former county of Arygll) in Southwestern
Scotland had nine Dukes or Earls named Archibald (1513 - 1761), another very
prominent name in this Morrison family line.

These may be weak connections, but it is all I have at this time... (5-28-05)

Reference: Descendents of John & Mary Morrison of Rocky River, By Marie and Janet
Morrison (1996) along with companion books on James and Jennet and Robert and