Strother Crabtree

Born: Feb 13, 1871 in Fort Gay, Wayne County, West Virginia.
Died: Feb 13, 1947 in Odessa Missouri, at the home of son Earl his son.
Buried: Mt Moriah Cemetery, Kansas City, MO  
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Cause of death was "Nephrolithiasis" Mo Death Cert # 17958

Married: Rebecca Frazier July 1, 1891.  She was b. Jan 16, 1868 & d. Nov 23, 1945 in Holden, MO  Cause of
death was "chronic pancreatits, chronic constipation, and internal inflammation." MO Death Cert #41562.

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Story about Strother's Shotgun

Strother moved to the Holden area around 1906 and to a farm south of Holden around 1914.  Sometime in the
late 1920s he moved back into the town of Holden, Missouri.  

Johnson County Directory (Missouri) dated 1912-1913 listed Strother as a carpenter working with W. H. Zion
at a downtown address (119 W. Second).

1900 Census shows Strother & family living in Wayne County West Virginia, owning a farm and farming.
1910 Census shows Strother & family working as a carpenter and living on Pine Street in Holden, MO
1920 Census shows Strother (listed as Sam) & family living in Kingsville Township, west of Holden, on a rented
farm and engaged in farming.
1930 Census shows Strother & family living on Niagara Street in Holden, MO.


Thompson: b. March 30, 1892; d. January 2, 1956  in Cambridge, Minnesota. (Obituary)
Charles Luther: b. Sept 19, 1893 d. July 4, 1902
Ethel:  b. November 10, 1895; d. November 30, 1986, Rantoul IL; Married Marshall Malsbury
Earl:  b. October 31, 1897, Wayne County West Virginia; d. August 14, 1958, St Joseph, MO
George:  b. June 5, 1899, Fort Gay West Virginia; d. November 21, 1984, Rock Port, MO
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Ella:  b. Feb 15, 1901 d. June 15, 1967 in Parkville, MO (Obituary)
Roy:  b. March 11, 1903; d. June 10, 1989 in Kansas City, Kansas (Obituary)
Myrtle:  b. July 19, 1905; d. August 26, 1999 in Kansas City, KS
Harold:  b. December 16, 1907; d. January 1976, Washington, DC