Thornton-Morrison Connection

Eugene P. Morrison (b April 6, 1880 d. Sept. 30, 1949) Married: Ida Lee Cameron Morrison
(b Nov 11,1880 d. June 27, 1972).  
Ida's father was Jerome Howard Cameron (b. Aug 7,
1845 d. 1926) and her grandfather was Tilman A. Howard Cameron (b. Oct. 14, 1822 d.
March 8, 1888).  T. Howard was married to Nancy
Thornton (b. March 5, 1824 d. July 4,
1921, buried in Slater City Cemetery, Slater MO).  Nancy was one of 12 children of
and Mary Nave (Daniel b. Oct. 26, 1788 d. Aug. 29, 1855 and buried at the
Concord Cemetery, Arrow Rock community, Saline County Missouri).

Daniel Thornton, wife, and four children came to Saline County in 1816 from Tennessee by
keel boat.  Daniel was one of the first settlers in Saline County and was credited with
planting the first crop of wheat in the area around 1819 (reportedly they sowed about three
pecks of seed and harvested twenty bushels).

"Mr Thornton conducted farming on quite an extensive scale... he was a man of intelligence
and great force of character, a leader in the settlement and for many years took an active
part in the development of the country... Religiously he and his family belonged to the
Christian Church... the old Concord congregation... Mr Thornton lived a useful life and his
death was greatly deplored by his fellow citizens... Was a Democrat" (Past and Present,
Saline County, Missouri p. 767)

Daniel was the third of four children born to John and Polly Thornton of Charleston, South
Carolina, where Daniel was born.  Later the family moved to eastern Tennessee.

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