Crabtree Barns
The barn on the farm where I grew up.  It is constructed with solid oak
beams and framing.  The beams were held together with mortise and
tenion craftmanships with oak pins (see picture below).  It sat on a rock
foundation.  The barn had stanchions for dairy cows, several horse stalls,
a corn crib and two grain bins.  The hay loft was large.  To the left was a
pond, well, and windmill.  It is reported that ten acres of land with white
oak timber was purchased to construct the barn around the late 1800s.  
The barn was torn down in the early 1990s.
Right... A remaining artifact
from the above barn
Right... the other barn (2008).  
It had an open pit in the middle
for hay.  It has since been
modified to gain access to the
middle.  It is also visible in the
above picture, right.
Above: Brooder house and shed about 2009.
Below, same brooder house
Shed to left was the Ice House.
Below: Chicken house, which sat in front of Brooder House.  
(Brooder House is seen middle right behind Chicken House).  
Picture taken in the 1940s.
Below, original garage that sat by the road.  
Earl, Mildred, and Robert lived in this when
they tore the
old house down and built the
present one.
Below, shed that once sat across the road, east of
the barn.  Earl tore this down and used the lumber
to build the Machine Shed.
 The tree to the left still